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Since lot of my free time are spent on surfing the web and I've bookmarked some links for my personal interest. So i thought i can put together especially Montreal's links into this page. And never know ...maybe you who haven't known this lovely city yet ...would come to visit us soon! hihih!
First of all ...Welcome to my city!
I don't know how do a virtual tour I try my best (with the help of my dictionary!) by telling some of my habits living here and other stuff as far as things come up to my mind ...and please visit these links to complete ^_^ ...although many city's photos will be found in those pages already, I would put some later to enhance mine ...when my scanner will work again.
To start ...Montréal is cold 9 months year round! okie 8 months! about September to May. So that's why we always want to make the most of summer as we can! ...though it's hot and sticky! ...but feeling so "light" without all those coats, scarfs and gloves and boots and hats and red nose and icy ears ...keep on going!!! ...this "lightness" could make anyone happier! :)
In summer, I feel want to go out all the time to do whatever! ...only one day staying home would be so bored! can guess it's not at all the case in winter! hihih ...

Discover some tourist sites in Montreal and enjoy images captured live 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Montreal LiveCam

The place I found myself going to with friends and family most often in summer is probably the Old Port of Montréal, located in the area called Old Montréal. I don't know how to describe the place but I'll try to put up some pictures later. In the day, no need to say's so crowded! ...even more at nigth anyway hihih! People take a walk (talking, cruising hihih ...or just not knowing what to do! ...whatever) or hang around with friends, eating ice-cream or "queue de castor"(a Quebec's specialty! I love it most garnished with sugar&cinnamon&lemon) and watching itinerant artists performing their shows. Beware of rollerskaters and cyclists. Besides the City Hall! There're lot of "fine cuisine" restaurants gathered around the place. :) I can't really recommend any of them ...they're still too "high class" for a student like me hihih! I can recommend you McDonald's at the corner of St-Laurent and Notre-Dame, where I know best as food at Old Port hiihihih! ...sounds good heh? it's my favorite restaurant!

But here's some "restaurants search" links I think could help ^_^ :
Montreal Restaurants @
The Montreal Bar and Restaurant Page
Well for Vietnamese cuisine, you gotta ask me out for dinner ^_~* or lunch will be fine hihih! ...I guess there's no repertory available for Vietnamese restos in Montréal yet.

As you've noticed, most of Montreal's web sites are in both English and French, so as well in real life, almost everything here is informed in both languages.

Festivals and events are followed on from each other all summer long in Montréal. And as I remember, I always start my summer here with the Benson&Hedges International Fireworks Competition which lasts from June till beginning of July. Every year it's the same friends and me, we came never early enough so we could find a good place for best view ...every parcel of lawn is taken!!! and most of time I forgot to bring my "walkman" along to tune in synchronized music while watching the "fires". Even till last year, I've never been able to attend every "fires" presentations of countries participated as I wish to (again every year same wish! hihih!) I always enjoy so so much watching fireworks's so beautiful right?

There're also many other major events worth to mention about ...although I haven't been to all of them, like: The Formula One Grand Prix and Le Tour de l'Île de Montréal held in June. The Tennis du Maurier Open held in August.

The Montreal Jazz Festival and the Just For Laugh Festival held in July are two of the most popular events in summer. I've never missed one of them
In 1999, I had a crush on the group Jesse Cook from Toronto while going with one of my friend to the Jazz Festival. Sometimes we had to stand up all the show long 'cos we came too late to find a place to sit ...I mean on the sidewalk ...not VIP!!! Located right in the downtown's center, several high stages are scattered on the festival site. St-Catherine street and few across streets are closed to traffic for the event half day long every day people can walk freely in there. This event lasts about 1 week and half. Music till midnight, almost non-stop, performed by different artists different bands, on different stages, scheduled one after another, hour after hour!

Few days following the Jazz Festival's closing, begins the Just For Laugh Festival
(to be continued...)