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      Hi! this is >>> me! ...sitting in my warm cozy room ...away from cold subzero freezing outside :)) front of my computer and don't know what to write about myself!
      First why Miki? Miki is my first nickname using online almost 4 years ago ...I remember start using internet on February 98. Some good and bad memories have come along all those years ...happily more good than bad ...or I just remember good ones! heheh! My new online friends know me more as "kaytiti" ...nickname I'm using most recently. Sometimes people guess my real name is Kay. It's not my name but I like it though ...Kay hmmmm it doesn't sound too bad right? :)) My vietnamese friends which i got to know from online call me Mai because of my nickname using in vietnamese chatrooms. Again it's not my real name but I like it too! :) I don't have alot of friends but each of them are dearly to me. Qualities I recognize most in my friends are sincerity, sense of humor and "true". Does it tell anything about myself? ;)
      I'm living with my family in Montreal since 1988. I love here! I know it's cold 7 months a year ...but I guess it's the only bad thing I could complain about :)) Summer in Montreal is so cool! I have always thought any place in the world would turn out boring after a few years living there anyway Montreal is best right? LOL!
      Few things that I love: tofu | red & orange (i guess you can notice that! :) ...but I prefer more freshy colors in summer) | "One Thousand and One Nights-The Arabian Tales" & Sherlock Holmes Adventures & mysteries & novels | sunflower | tiger grrrrrrr | many songs | fall+spring+summer-winter | cucumber, potatoes, mushroom | sweet sour candy | ... | boys | LOL!
      Well hope you have a good time. Thanks for reading :)