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elcome to Miki's home

I hope you're going to enjoy this short little moment we are sharing together and having relaxed time surfing around.

This is just another personal homepage like many many beautiful and well-done personal homepages which have amazed and inspired me while surfing around the web. As a beginner, limited in my skills ...I try to keep this page as much as possible out of error pop-ups in IE browser only. But I think links should work properly in NN browser as well. In case there's any error ...please let me know by email ...and how to fix it too if you could help :) Every thing look just fine on my screen which is at 1024x768 resolution and 24bits color ...I just hope it looks as fine on yours. This page is like new and completly rebuilt because I've never finished the old version started and abandoned about 2 years ago.
Please enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting.